Gratefully Done

Specialty Gift Baskets Inspired by Gratitude

Our Company


It’s simple yet often overlooked. Gratefully Done was founded out of “Gratitude.” The company strives to provide unique gifts for clients to show their “Gratitude” for services rendered. We support area businesses and 95% of gift content is sustainable. Our objective is to create a lasting impression for your organization . . . one that says Thank You! We are Grateful for your business. What a great way to also generate referrals!

Gratefully Done is dedicated to showing gratitude in the community and donates a portion of monthly proceeds to local charities.

Let Gratefully Done create turn-key gifts for your company today.

Our Owners

Karen Dunbar and Trish Getz are longtime Harford County residents who met through volunteer work and fundraising for their children’s schools. After raising their families and working in their respective professions, Karen and Trish decided they wanted to create a business that reflected their “Gratefulness” for the many blessings their lives had provided.

We have appreciated the opportunity to combine skills and experiences to craft unique, beautiful, and sustainable baskets that provide joy for both the giver and the recipient, and build further “gratitude” in our community.

Our Products

Gratefully Done takes great pride in sourcing items from local vendors and businesses. It is important to us that we support our community by donating a portion of our proceeds to local charities.

Let Gratefully Done Create Turn-Key Gifts for Your Company Today

There is always something to be grateful for.